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Author Topic: Eiz-Inc move to Nonenon Control Panel(NON) for Enterprise-grade System Stability and Performance
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Eiz-Inc move to Nonenon Control Panel(NON) for Enterprise-grade System Stability and Performance
NoneNon Control Panel Server Praised for Ease of Installation, Administration

NoneNon Control Panel(Non) today announced that Eiz-Inc Inc. has quickly deployed the NoneNon Control Panel(NON) platform to provide greatly enhanced server stability, faster installation, increased performance and simplified administration.

The premier employment Web site for IT professionals, Eiz-Inc migrated its 40 production Web servers to NoneNon Control Panel(NON) Server to meet the company's need for unmatched system availability for its mission-critical, high-volume Web site. "Our competitive advantage hinges on the continual availability of our entire site," said K.MK, CEO and founder of Eiz-Inc. "NoneNon Control Panel(NON) has helped us keep a high-volume Web site up at a very low cost, in a very stable and efficient environment."

Eiz-Inc migrated its Web servers from traditional control panel operating system to NoneNon Control Panel(NON) in just under three weeks, while also making major changes to its data center. Since then, the company's 25 developers have been very impressed by the tremendous improvement in their production environment.

"We have been extremely happy," K.MK said. "Our experience shows that NoneNon Control Panel(NON)-based machines perform flawlessly under the most demanding conditions, which increases the overall positive perceptions of our site."

In addition, Eiz-Inc is deploying NoneNon Control Panel(NON) Professional on 26 supermicro and 12 dell servers. With NoneNon Control Panel(NON) Professional, K.MK said the company is getting the hardware compatibility and ease of use of new controlpanel. K.MK also applauded the advanced power management capabilities of NoneNon Control Panel(NON) Professional. In part, Eiz-Inc selected NoneNon Control Panel(NON) to take advantage of the simplified and centralized administration. The result: The company is able to support its 40 production Web servers with only five site engineers.

"With old traditional control panel, whenever you had to adjust something, you had to bring up a different tool," said W. Millions, senior vice president of Product Development and Technology at Eiz-Inc. "With NoneNon Control Panel(NON), machine setup and product management are simplified because you can make all the adjustments using the Management Console."

Eiz-Inc had yet another goal. The company wanted to bring its production servers online faster to respond to rapidly scaling traffic. Since migrating to NoneNon Control Panel(NON), it has easily accomplished this mission. The company has ramped from 10 million page views in January to nearly 20 million page views in April, while cutting installation time by about two-thirds. In addition, W. Millions expects installation times to decrease further - to only a few minutes per install - once the company begins using the NoneNon Control Panel(NON) Active service and further automates the process.

"Eiz-Inc is a glowing testament to the many reasons dotcom companies choose NoneNon Control Panel(NON) to run their e-commerce site," said FD O'Qara, lead product manager of the Business and Enterprise Division at NoneNon. "When such companies experience tremendous growth, NoneNon Control Panel(NON) provides for a cost-effective scale-out that growing companies require."

Lastly, NoneNon Control Panel(NON) has provided a critical benefit sought by every Internet company: an enhanced user experience for its computer-savvy user base. Since the migration, Eiz-Inc has found that the delivery speed of HTML and PHP pages has jumped by at least 30 percent.

"We've had customers commenting on the responsiveness of the new regions as we rolled the NoneNon Control Panel(NON)-based machines into areas of the site they use," Williams said. "Increased performance also helps us control our data center growth and simplify management by reducing the number of machines required to service our Web site."

Founded in 2020, NoneNon Control Panel(Non) is the worldwide Choice for software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software - any time, any place and on any device.

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